3 Quick Tips for Photographing Children

1. Enter their world

Children don't live in our world, they are busy in theirs, which is about 4 feet high. When photographing their kids most parents just get out the camera and take a photo from where they stand, but you will get much better results if you simply get down to their eye level. All of a sudden they can look straight into the camera for a much more engaging image, and you can become part of their magical world of fun and make believe. So get down lower and let the magic happen!

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2. Let them go!

Quit trying to make your kids stop and stand still for their photo, you'll end up with a classic tin soldier shot that just doesn't work. There's nothing more unnatural to children than standing still doing nothing. Instead let them explore their surroundings and capture them authentically. Engage with them in what they are doing and be ready to press the shutter when they look up to share something special with you. You'll be amazed at what you capture!

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3. Whatever you do, do NOT say "Cheese"!

While we are talking about authenticity, forget the "cheese" face. When my eldest daughter was young I could capture beautiful shots of her effortlessly. Then we went on holiday to visit her cousins and the kids were dutifully lined up by my relatives several times a day and told to say "Cheese" for a photo. I can't even tell you how long it took me to be able to take a photo of her without that face after that, I sure had to work a lot harder to get a natural photo. It wasn't my daughter's fault, she thought that was what she was supposed to do when a camera got pointed at her, but who can honestly say they have a photo that the absolutely adore of their child saying "cheese"? Try a little harder and do something to make your kids genuinely smile or laugh. If they do spot the camera and start putting on that photo face just do something silly to make them giggle, and be ready to press the shutter when they do!

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Here at the Photography Boutique we have been photographing kids and families for years, and we pride ourselves on capturing natural, lasting memories for our clients. 

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