Alexa's Milestone Mini Session

Recently we had the absolute pleasure of having gorgeous little 7 month old Alexa in our studio for her very first professional photo shoot. 

We just love babies at this age, so full of life and personality, and little Alexa was just super cute!

At 7 months old Alexa is all smiles, she sits up well and is thinking about starting to crawl, though she's not quite there yet. For now she'll just get up on all fours and rock, but she'll be off soon!

Don't make her lie on her back for long, she'd much rather be up and checking out new things, and of course clapping and laughing with mum and dad <3

Enjoy this gorgeous video and gallery of beautiful Alexa, and if you'd like to book your own Milestone Mini Session just check out the details on our website here:

Babies Have so Much to Do

In a world that's all brand-new,
Babies have so much to do!

Laughing, making funny faces,
Finding out those ticklish places . . .

Cuddling up and wiggling toes,
Looking cute in tiny clothes . . .

Tasting, touching, reaching high,
Crawling under, scooting by . . .

Learning words and having fun . . .
Making memories one by one.