Brigitte & Peter ~ Old Broadwater Farm Busselton Wedding

Sometimes inexplicable things happen on a wedding day that you can't plan for and you may not even fully understand at the time, but you just know it's something special and you have to capture it. 

During their ceremony Brigitte's mum organised a surprise for her and Peter, and gave them a box to open up. When the lid opened, a handful of monarch butterflies slowly made their way out and then flew away into the bush surrounding Old Broadwater Farm... all but one. One butterfly fluttered around the bride and groom and then rested itself on the arbour above them until the nuptials were over. In the moment it was a lovely thing to happen, and everyone enjoyed watching the beautiful butterfly. Then as the day went on we noticed there were monarch butterflies featured in the reception styling too.

Later on in the day, while I was photographing a collection of photo frames with pictures of loved ones who had passed away and so couldn't be at the wedding, I noticed one was of a young boy. At that moment a lovely lady came up to me and told me it was her son, Brigitte's cousin. She told me that they released monarch butterflies at his funeral, and that the one lingering butterfly at the wedding ceremony had made her think of him, and the fact that maybe he was there with them all at the wedding. 

Isn't the universe amazing, creating such powerful symbols out of such simple things. We just have to keep our hearts and minds open enough to see them.

Other things we learned at this wedding - Eagle Rock requires dancing with your pants around your ankles, and there's a whole set dance routine to get stuck into when Nutbush starts playing ;-)

Thanks for a lovely day Peter & Brigitte, it was an honour to be there to share it with you.




The Venue: Old Broadwater Farm

The Dress: Bridal by Aubrey Rose

The Hair: Hair by Madi

Stylist/Decorator: Ferguson Valley Events

Transport: Chevrolet limousines southwest

The Cake: Sweet Stylin by Summa Taylor