Bunbury Studio Photography ~ The Hamilton Girls


Recently we had the pleasure of having three gorgeous little girls in the studio. Bec, Dayle, and their two girls had just welcomed baby Willow into their family, and what better way to celebrate this new chapter in their lives than with a newborn portrait session. Of course we couldn't leave out Willow's sisters Sybella & Harper, so we split our time to have some fun with the three girls together before spending some time capturing some beautiful portraits of baby Willow. I don't mind telling you, a kids portrait session with three girls all under the age of 5 is more than a little challenging, and you need to be quick to get the shots before toddlers have had enough and just want to go and play, but we had lots of fun. The girls did fantastically well and it was lovely to see them come out of their shells and enjoy themselves with us. Sybella is a gentle, adoring big sister and Harper is so cheeky she had me giggling throughout the morning. Love it!!! And not to forget mum who did an amazing job of styling their outfits to help the images look simply fabulous!

Congratulations to the family, and good luck managing three teenage girls in a few years time! We hope they love each other as much then as they do now - and if they don't believe that they did then they can just look at the pictures! ;-)

Jo x