Newborn Portraits

Baby Eli ~ Bunbury Newborn Photography

Today we were lucky to have 11 day old baby Eli come in to the studio for a Simply Studio Session. Usually in thirty minutes we capture some beautiful candid photos of bub just doing their thing, but Eli slept from start to finish and posed like a pro for us the whole way through. 




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Harry & Oscar ~ Bunbury Baby (+ Puppy Dog) Portrait

I have to admit I get super excited when my clients ask me if they can bring their pets along to their photoshoot. Those that know me know that I was a vet practice manager before my photography life, and that I love animals of all species, shapes and sizes. To me, our pets are part of the family, so it's only natural that they would feature in a family photoshoot. 

Last week I had the absolute pleasure of a visit from 5 week old Harry and his proud older "brother" Oscar for a newborn portrait. Five weeks is technically (to us photographers anyway) beyond newborn age. By this stage our beautiful babies have already started stretching out and are much more inquisitive about the world around them and less inclined to sleep. So we don't capture as many of those posed, curled up sleeping newborn shots, but in their place we get to capture lots of bright eyed gorgeousness - just check out the many faces of Harry - what a little personality!

Jo x


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All newborn portrait bookings receive a mini maternity shoot as our special gift from us, so that you can really cherish this special time in your life. We hope to see you and your new baby soon <3



Courtney, Ashley, Rusty & Sophie ~ Bunbury Maternity & Newborn Portrait

When Courtney got in touch to enquire about booking a maternity and newborn portrait I got a little bit excited. I always love newborn baby cuddles, but when Courtney let me know about her fur baby Rusty and how she wanted to include him in the sessions I was over the moon. I'm a self confessed crazy dog lady and in our house our dogs are part of the family, so I love when clients feel the same way I do and they get to be part of the amazing things that happen in our lives.  

Not only did we have Rusty joining us on both shoots, but when it was time for the newborn session baby Sophie's nan, aunts and uncle also joined us. It was an epic session with so many people plus a pet (who behaved perfectly by the way ;-)), and a gorgeous baby girl who fought sleep at every moment, but never shying away from a challenge I kept shooting and captured some very special memories of a proud new family. 

Oh, and if you're wondering why Sophie is sleeping surrounded by a tool belt - well daddy's a chippie of course ;-)

Enjoy the gallery, and remember that if there's anything different you'd like to do for your next photoshoot just ask - we are always happy to create the kind of memories that have the most meaning to you! 

Jo x


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The Hart Family ~ Bunbury Lifestyle Newborn Portrait

We just love capturing the first days of a newborn baby in their own home with their family around them. Lifestyle sessions are a great choice for families who want to capture relaxed, natural moments of family life, and for newborn sessions they are especially great when there are other young children involved, because little ones tend to be more comfortable in their own environment and not overwhelmed or over excited like they can be with a visit to the studio. 

When Tam called us to book a family session to celebrate their gorgeous new addition to the family, the plan was for a studio shoot because they are living in a rental and so they didn't want a shoot that featured their "home", but after having a chat we decided that a lifestyle session would work best for them and give them the type of images that they really wanted... we would just make sure that we focused on them and their home styling, rather than the house they were all in ;-) 

She warned me that her two year old daughter Grace might not be very cooperative and it's true she was a little shy when I first arrived at their home, but a quick game of hide and seek and some bonding over Nemo soon changed that and Grace couldn't have been a more perfect model for the morning.

Being an "outsider" noticing all the little details that you live with every day, us photographers sometimes find little gems that you might not think of too, so being in your home can enable us to capture more personal images with meaning, like capturing little Eve with the toy cat that her sister Grace gave her as a birth gift - the cat is the same size as her now but it won't take long before she's running around the house with it making it look ever smaller as she grows <3

Such a lovely family who gave me the privilege of sharing in this special time with them, this one has to be up there with my favourite shoots of the year so far :-)

Jo x

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Baby Alessandra - 13 days new

Thanks to our joint promotion with Body Firming and Beauty, Kelly and Paul brought their gorgeous baby girl Alessandra to see us for a newborn shoot to capture her early days. She was such a beautiful baby and the session went like an absolute dream :-) 

It was especially lovely to be able to create some memories for her family, many of whom are overseas. At 13 days old she was so alert, with bright shining eyes checking out the world around her. Kelly and Paul were also doing super well as new parents and their relaxed approach was definitely rubbing off on their baby girl, she was just so happy to be here!

We have lots of gorgeous blankets, headbands and props at the studio and we are in our element when we can just use them subtly to style our images while always keeping focus on making baby the star. It never ceases to amaze us how different all babies are, even from day dot. They are full of personality and we love getting to know them and all the little idiosyncrasies that make them unique, those are the memories we really love to capture!


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