Courtney, Ashley, Rusty & Sophie ~ Bunbury Maternity & Newborn Portrait

When Courtney got in touch to enquire about booking a maternity and newborn portrait I got a little bit excited. I always love newborn baby cuddles, but when Courtney let me know about her fur baby Rusty and how she wanted to include him in the sessions I was over the moon. I'm a self confessed crazy dog lady and in our house our dogs are part of the family, so I love when clients feel the same way I do and they get to be part of the amazing things that happen in our lives.  

Not only did we have Rusty joining us on both shoots, but when it was time for the newborn session baby Sophie's nan, aunts and uncle also joined us. It was an epic session with so many people plus a pet (who behaved perfectly by the way ;-)), and a gorgeous baby girl who fought sleep at every moment, but never shying away from a challenge I kept shooting and captured some very special memories of a proud new family. 

Oh, and if you're wondering why Sophie is sleeping surrounded by a tool belt - well daddy's a chippie of course ;-)

Enjoy the gallery, and remember that if there's anything different you'd like to do for your next photoshoot just ask - we are always happy to create the kind of memories that have the most meaning to you! 

Jo x


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