Have you met Jo...our amazing new studio photographer?

Yesterday we told you all about our new studio.....

Well today it's time to meet Jo, our awesome new studio photographer!

Clare Day Photographic Design
Clare Day Photographic Design

With such a fabulous new space to offer our clients we have decided it's time to start shooting studio portraits as well as our gorgeously wonderful outdoor sessions.

But while I love photographing you all my love remains in the great outdoors, so I have entrusted the studio work to the very lovely Jo Hitchcock.

As our new in-house studio photographer extraordinaire Jo will have a giggle and a laugh while she captures life's joyful moments with you and creates beautiful artwork you will all treasure for a lifetime.

Lucky for me Jo has a pretty snazzy business brain too so she's also going to be managing the studio from now on so that I can focus on what I really love which is spending time photographing all of you :-)

Jo brings to our studio awesome shooting experience, great business sense, and a cute pommy accent.

She is one of Capture magazine's top writers so she knows the industry and through her articles has been helping photographers throughout Australia improve their business practices for several years.

Of course she will be sharing that knowledge with us too, so watch out because the Clare Day experience is about to go off the hook!!!

(We are working hard to update our image galleries so that you can check out Jo's work soon, so stay tuned!)