Noah, Meg, Kate & the folks! ~ Bunbury Family Portrait Photography

We know that lots of people like to hide inside during winter and wait for warmer weather, but the southwest really does offer up some gorgeous winter light on a nice day, and if you're brave enough you'll be rewarded with some beautiful family portraits! 

It took us a little while to finally get out with Darren, Danielle and their three gorgeous kids. Between sports, camps, FIFO rosters, moving home and a new business it was tough to find a day that everyone could be there, but we persevered and eventually Lisa and the family spent a chilly but lovely winter's evening creating some special family memories together, which was well worth the effort!  

A few weeks later they now have some amazing aluminium wall art proudly hanging at home, to be enjoyed for a lifetime - just as it should be! 



Stop making excuses for not booking that family portrait you've been wanting to do for years. How many of your children's years have you missed because you keep putting it off? Make the time to make the memories - we promise it will be worth it in the end!

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