Pet Portrait Day

Bunbury Pet Photography_0001

Those of you who know us well will know that we are a very pet friendly bunch here at the studio. We always welcome pets to join family portrait sessions and can't help but smile when someone's special puppy dog features in one of our weddings. For Jo, our resident crazy dog lady, photographing pets is an opportunity to combine her two favourite things in the world - pets and photography. As a vet practice manager in her pre-photography days, she is passionate about animals, knows how to handle them, and just wants to see the pets of the world all loved and cared for in good homes. There are lots out there though who still need to find their forever homes, and hardworking organisations like South West Animal Rescue work tirelessly to try to make that happen.

Last month, we were super excited to team up with Blair Street Vet and South West Animal Rescue (SWAR) to hold a very special Pet Portrait Day. Lots of local pet lovers joined us to celebrate their pets with a mini portrait session, with all the session fees donated to SWAR to care for the animals they look after. We were blown away by the generosity of everyone who came along, and we managed to raise over $500 as well as swag fulls of blankets and food for pets in need. That definitely put a big smile on our dials :-D

Over the two day event we photographed dogs of every size, a few gorgeous cats, a rabbit, and even a ferret! With 15 minute slots for each pet we crossed our fingers and hoped everything would run smoothly, and of course with Jo behind the camera and Bianca helping out all the furry friends behaved themselves beautifully and everyone had bags of fun!

Thank you so much to all the pets and owners who made the event so much fun, to Tanya at South West Animal Rescue for helping out and to the team at Blair Street vet for letting us turn their practice into a studio for two days!

The event was such a huge success (it was sold out before we could even tell anyone about it!) that we have decided to do it again, so for all you pet lovers who missed out stay tuned as we will be announcing a new Pet Portrait Day in the New Year.

Iif you just can't wait until the next one get in touch and book your furry friend in for a Pet Portrait Session Now!

And of course if you'd like to help some pets in need or you're looking for a companion to join your family, check out South West Animal Rescue to find out how :-)