Dunsborough Wedding Photographer

Sara & Nathan's Busselton Beach Wedding ~ Ramada Resort Wedding Photographer

Sara is a gorgeous bubbly bright eyed soul who looked every bit the fairytale princess in her big dress. She confessed that she was a bit of a black thumb so opted for silk flowers instead of the real thing. Nathan is a bit of a car nut so he requested that we get some great photos taken with his much loved Holden Gemini...and Sara ;)

Sara and Nathan also wanted to include their beloved dogs as part of their big day. Marley their boy stood with the boys and Mia their girl walked down with their first bridesmaid!



The Venue: Ramada Resort, Dunsborough

Styling: Sottys Events

The Dress: Dion for Brides, Perth

The Cake: Sweet Styling


Emma + Ben ~ A Dunsborough Wedding

We don't have favourites here at the studio, but if we did this would be one of them ;-)

If, as a woman, you ever find a man who looks at you the way Ben looks at Emma, marriage is the only answer. He must have known she was "The One" pretty early, because he never asked his sister what she thought of Emma, a story which was told during their ceremony and had us all teary eyed. 

A gorgeous day from start to finish, we never had to travel more than five minutes on foot to find beautiful spots for photos on the grounds of Flametree Wines and the Wyndham Resort Dunsborough, and the day was simply filled with relaxed fun, laughter, and love <3


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Top 5 Tips for the Perfect Wedding Photos!

It's your Big Day. You're going to A LOT of trouble to make it completely perfect and you want to remember it that way. That's why your photos are SO important!

We have spent years photographing weddings just about every weekend, and we know a thing or two about how to make your day look as amazing as can be, so here are 5 top tips from us to help you plan your day to achieve perfect wedding photos...

1. Think about the light

Photography is all about light and the timings you choose for your Big Day will have a huge impact on how your images will look. Choose appropriate timings for the time of year bearing in mind seasonal weather variations. If you have your heart set on an image of you and your love in front of a romantic sunset then choose to have your wedding at a time of year that allows it, make sure you start your reception late enough, or be prepared to take five from your party to go out and get the shot. While a lunch time event might seem appealing the light in the middle of the day is not so flattering, so be aware that you won't achieve the beautiful golden light that makes you and the landscape look so amazing. If in doubt just ask your photographer - experienced pros like us know the options and will be only too happy to help you plan your day to achieve the look you want.

2. Book a Quality Photographer

There are so many photographers around these days that choosing one to capture your day can be a difficult task. Weddings aren't cheap so we understand it can be tempting to save a few dollars and just get Uncle Bob to take some photos or take a chance on the cheap photographer you found on Facebook, but the old adage "you get what you pay for" definitely applies here, and we have heard too many stories of regret to believe it's ok to just let someone with a fancy camera document your day.  If you want to be able to look back on your day in years to come and remember it as the perfect, joyful day that it is bound to be, then choose the best photographer you can afford. Choose a pro who you can trust to have the talent and experience to know the best places to shoot at the right times, who can find your best angles and show off how gorgeous you are in that dress, and who will be fun to spend the day with. That's the only way to guarantee no regrets!

3. Be Good to Yourself

Choose a dress that suits your shape and fits you well, and style your hair and makeup so that you feel comfortable and still look like "you". Take a close friend you can rely on for an honest opinion to the dress shops with you, and don't get hung up on buying a tiny size that you have to spend a year dieting for. If you've worn too many bikini styles while sunbathing over the years, get an all over natural tan before your Big Day to get rid of any unsightly strap marks. If you have any tattoos or markings that you're no longer fond of, choose a dress that covers them up, or if you have ones you're proud of then show them off! On the day just be confident in your own skin and rock your look, your photographer will do the rest!

4. Have an engagement portrait shoot

Engagement Sessions are a great way to practice in front of the camera and get to know your photographer before the Big Day. You can check out the locations you are considering for your wedding photos and just get used to being together as the centre of attention. Having an engagement shoot will mean you feel more relaxed on the day and be more familiar with your photographer so that it feels more like a friend is there with you who you know will capture great images for you. If, like we do, you have a planning meeting with your photographer before the wedding you can let them know what you loved or what you weren't so fond of in the shoot. That way your photographer can make sure everything is perfect on your Big Day.

5. Allow enough time

Plan with your photographer and let them know what you want to capture on your day. A good pro will know what is realistic and plan with you to make the most of your day. We know that it can seem like there is always plenty of time for photos, but with years of shooting weddings under our belt we know that things on a wedding day often take longer than you think they will, and the last thing you want to be doing on your day is stressing about not being able to fit everything you wanted in. Your wedding day is a celebration and you should enjoy every moment of it, so spend the time with your photographer beforehand to make a plan, and then just relax and let them do their job on the day.

Stacey & Mark's Caves House Dunsborough Wedding

Sam & Dave's 50's inspired Bunker Bay Beach Wedding

We were so excited to be part of Sam and Dave's modern vintage wedding. From the planning stages we knew it was going to be a beautifully styled day, and we definitely weren't disappointed!

Samantha had a beaming happy smile on her face from the first thing in the morning it didn't fade all day.  After their ceremony we went for a lovely drive in their beautiful vintage car down to Shelly Cove for fun filled bridal party photos.

The attention to detail and final touches on everything made this wedding just picture perfect. The lovely couple celebrated their wedding night with family and friend at Bunker Bay Cafe.

You can read all about this awesome day and how Sam put it all together here: