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Fun in a Wildflower Meadow

As a photographer it's always interesting travelling to different places. The light behaves so differently from one place to another and of course the scenery changes too. Out on a portrait session at Folly Farm in the UK we came across this lovely wildflower meadow, and even though it was the middle of the day the rainy skies made for some gorgeous memories x



Aneta & Marta's Christmas Milestone Mini Session

We love a good challenge here in the studio and with three small kids all super excited about Christmas we sure got one!

We had great fun  with Emilia, Thomas and Aniela, playing with baubles and bubbles, practicing dance moves and singing Christmas songs. 

Thanks for coming to visit us guys, we look forward to seeing you next time!


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Harriet's First Birthday

A little while ago the very gorgeous Harriet turned one, and even at her young age she's already been through more than most.

Last year my very good friend Rachel and I both found out we were pregnant and due to have our babies just a week apart. We were looking forward to being belly buddies when at 25 weeks things changed for Rachel and she was rushed up to Perth where she gave birth to her new baby girl. I can't even image how scary it must have been for her and her family, but Harriet was born safely much to the relief of everyone. Being born so early things were a little complicated, and Rachel and Harriet spent the remainder of the year living up at King Edwards hospital while hubby Ben took leave from work to look after their two older children. 

It's been so inspiring to watch them just get on with everything with a smile on their faces, still enjoying life and everything it has brought to them. Thankfully Harriet has done amazingly well in her first year, and she is a beautiful happy little girl. When she turned one recently we celebrated with a Confetti party for her, and then we had a little fun in the studio to commemorate the occasion. 

Check out the super special doll Harriet's holding in some of her photos - it's a preemie baby handmade to be exactly the same size and weight as she was when she was born!

Congratulations on turning ONE baby girl. Here's to many more super fun birthdays, you're a lucky girl to be born into such a loving family and they are blessed to have you :-)




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Maddison's 1st birthday Cake Smash!

A little while ago this gorgeous little girl celebrated her first birthday, and mum Nel wanted to remember the occasion with a cake smash! 

Maddison had a mini mouse party for her birthday so we styled the shoot pink, black and white to suit the mini mouse theme, and mum even made a special t-shirt to complete the look.

As is usually the case with cake smashes, it took Maddison a little while to figure out what to do with the big pink cake that mum and dad put in front of her, but she had fun checking it out and got herself good and messy in the end. 

Happy birthday beautiful girl, we hope to see you next year for your next milestone :-)

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